With rising cost of office space, increased commuting time and rise of out-of-office work, the need to engage and manage mobile employees is becoming a challenge.

The mobile employee engagement app – iTIMU (pronounced ‘I’ ‘Teamoo’) is a cross platform app built on opensource technologies by us for all mobile employees. It allows employee to engage with the organization while on the go.

iTIMU helps your employees apply for leaves, outdoor duty, key in their attendance using their mobiles with GPS coordinates, update their time sheets. It allows the superiors to approve requests as well gets visibility of their teams availability.

The following are the features and functionality of iTIMU

  • Attendance – Check in and Check Out
  • Attendance regularization
  • Time Out
  • Leave
  • Leave Approval
  • Team Availability
  • Outdoor Duty
  • Track employees
  • Time sheet
  • Policy
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Employee contact list
  • Announcements

iTIMU is integrated with iAMP - the employee engagement portal and can also be integrated with the back-end ERP system