With the sales teams out in the field, it is a challenge to get ground level visibility from the office. The challenge for the salesperson is to get customer relevant information such as order position, stocks from the office in real time.

iSFA (pronounced ‘I’ ‘S’ ‘F ‘A’) is the sales force automation platform built on opensource technologies by us. Your sales team can access it as an app on their Android or IOS devices , while the office staff and supervisory staff can access it as a portal. iSFA helps in creating a smart sales force with smart sales management practices.

The sales teams have access to these functionalities:

  • Sales Dashboard showing individual performance against plan with multiple KPIs
  • Message
  • Diary or Journey Plan with activities
  • Lead, Potential
  • Customer or Prospect list with contact details
  • Google maps integration
  • Customer details including orders, sales, outstanding, credit Limit
  • Article information, videos, collaterals
  • Inquiry, Quotation, Order, Complaint
  • Pricing & Promotion
  • Warehouse Stock Details
  • Customer Stock taking including expiry/damage, Out of Stock:
  • Merchandising including planogram check
  • Customer Survey
  • Asset Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Sales & Collection Plan

iSFA can integrate with the back-end ERP system to exchange information and create a seamless process flow.