Making your business application work pain-free
A business application such as an ERP helps you run your business transactions, plan and monitor your performance. But it can get quite complex to manage. The need for keeping up with the market dynamics requires frequent change requests to be delivered. Having a ‘right’ set of core team members with required knowledge level available 24X7 and motivated in a support role is a challenge. As is employee attrition which requires frequent training efforts and need to manage disruptions. Maintaining a system on your own can indeed be a pain.

We provide application maintenance services to take the pain out of the equation.

  • Onsite Support (Consultants deployed in your office)
  • Offshore Support (Consultants supporting you from our office)
  • Shared Offshore Support (Shared consultants supporting you from our office)
  • Hybrid Support (Mix of any or all of the above)
  • App-based Support (Basic support delivered via a mobile app)

All support models are delivered through a tiered expertise model with basic end user issues getting resolved by Level 1 consultants going up-to complex issues and change requests being resolved by Mentor level consultants with 20+ years of hands-on expertise in applications and the right qualifications to get into C-level conversations.

Our problem - solution database keeps growing thereby shrinking the resolution time and keeping your business processes running without disruption.

Proactive suggestions are given based on the mentor experience with other installations

  • Reduced overhead requirement for maintaining a heavy core team / IT support team
  • Business can focus on core competence
  • Faster resolution of simple as well as complex issues due to our multi-client exposure
  • Quicker delivery of change requests due to ready accelerators such as reports, formsm interfaces
  • Proactive recommendations on system improvement opportunities
  • Availability of senior team with deep functional knowledge on call

  • Support Management & Governance
  • Application Software installation and patch maintenance
  • Provision of platform for support requests
  • Incident Management
  • Change Requests Management
  • Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • Status updates
  • Training
  • Testing (Internal Testing)
  • Guidance
  • Documentation
  • Audit query support
  • Tax compliance support
  • Financial book closure support

  • Support Management & Sponsorship
  • Provision of connectivity and system access
  • Quick turnaround on queries and testing

With more than 60 active customers business applications managed by us, we have the right approach, scale and capability in ensuring that your users transact pain-free and keep innovating the solution.