Making system boundaries irrelevant
One of the trends in digital transformation is hyper-integration and hyper-automation. While ERP takes care of the internal processes in an organization, the need to bring external data in or send ERP data out is becoming more and more relevant to optimize processes as well as make use of the best of breed solutions or existing investments in multiple solutions.

Few examples of systems that need to be integrated with ERP are
  • 3rd Party applications like CRM, Analytics
  • Specialized portals such as E-Commercee
  • Ancillary systems in a hub & spoke model
  • Manufacturing systems
  • WebEDI

Engage us with specific system integration requirements and challenges and we can work with your teams to set up the integration using of technologies such as SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Integration.

We also have ready integration accelerators with many of the common 3rd party applications. These can be leveraged for quick turnaround.

  • Quick time to value with our depth of integration expertise
  • Error-free first time right integration due to depth of knowledge of SAP functionality
  • Help with SAP Licensing such as Digital Access

  • Understand the functional integration need
  • Understand the technical integration requirement
  • Conduct workshops with 3rd party application provider & IT team
  • Document technical integration specifications
  • Deploy SAP integration platform / Application
  • Configure & Develop the interface
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Go Live
  • Handholding Support
  • Ongoing Support

  • Project Sponsorship
  • Arrange 3rd party vendor involvement
  • Onboarding
  • Provision of required software licenses, hardware, and connectivity
  • Adequate involvement and time from the stakeholders
  • Quick decision making
  • Testing and feedback

We have integrated numerous applications with SAP systems and have our own accelerators also. In this digital world where speed if the essence, we can get your integration requirements delivered and up & running quickly.