Make your way by unexpected routes
While a packaged business application will give you a solution with best practices and stable operations, the competitive edge that helps you compete and expand in your market comes from unique practices, next practices and innovations in your products, processes and people.

The buzzwords of digital technology such as artificial intelligence are no longer in the ‘proof of concept’ phase but are actually being used increasingly in business.

Few examples of live use cases are
  • Conversational Platforms (Alexa, Siri for entertainment, shopping)
  • Block Chain (Spotify for royalty payments)
  • Robotic Process Automation (iXigo for web-checkin’s)
  • Internet of Things (Apple Watch for notifying irregular heart rhythm)

How do you come up with disruptive business models or innovative solutions to your practical business problems? We approach this through design thinking and lean startup.

Engage us with a specific business challenge and we can work with your teams conducting design thinking workshops handholding you through all stages including prototyping and deploying.

Using the platform approach and microservices, we can help you quickly build a solution from scratch that you can test without to much upfront investment, iteratively make changes and finally deploy and run.

  • Rethink processes
  • Convert manual steps to system transactions
  • Automate workflows, alerts
  • Change person driven to conversational user interfaces
  • Improve controls using GPS, Image recognition
  • Improve visibility of physical activities in real-time

  • Design Thinking & Lean startup approach to ensure low upfront investment
  • Rapidly develop working prototype
  • Agile approach for quick launch and iterative improvements in solution
  • Participation of senior consulting team for richer ideas

  • Formulate innovation challenge based on problem statement
  • Undertake observations and interviews
  • Conduct Design thinking workshops
  • Technical platform support
  • Iteratively develop solution on platform
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Data Migration / Cut Over
  • Go Live
  • Handholding Support
  • Ongoing Innovation

  • Program Management & Sponsorship
  • Top level ownership
  • Identification of problem statement and key stakeholders
  • Provision of required software licenses, hardware, connectivity
  • Adequate involvement and time from the stakeholders - upto 5 full days in a row
  • Quick decision making
  • Testing and feedback
  • Change Management
  • Clean Data in the right form

With history of developing innovative solutions, we believe we can provide that edge to your business beyond the core applications.