Discrete manufacturing companies are grappling with the reality of the digital economy. As traditional products are commoditized, these companies are shifting from selling physical products to providing complete solutions. This move from product-centric offerings to service-centric offerings, requires implementing new business models such products as a service or managed services. Performance-based contracts allow customers to use products without the need to buy them: they just pay for the effective usage or output.
The existing enterprise systems cannot deliver the capabilities needed to drive the strategic priorities or help organizations move to the next level of customer and consumer experience, productivity, or workforce engagement.

Action Plan
Adopting SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA are enabling our discrete industry customers to run their businesses more efficiently and in an integrated manner. Our innovative solutions are helping them create the edge for themselves in their markets.
Quickly adopt SAP S/4HANA for your company with InZOOM

InZOOM is our SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for the Discrete industry. It offers rapid time to value at low risk and with high predictability – all at an attractive and fixed price point. The integrated solutions combines SAP market-leading S/4HANA software with industry or line-of-business expertise, specialized services, customizations, configurations, or applications for the discrete industry

  • Best of both worlds - The power of SAP solutions, with our expertise and services.
  • Deploy affordably and fast - High level of pre-configuration for faster deployments with predictable outcomes at a fixed price.
  • Built for growth - Future-proof your company with a packaged solution built on SAP technology that grows with your business

Analytics for MTO/ETO


ZoomPro is a ready analytics solution built on SAP Cloud Platform for ready deployment on your SAP S/4HANA system.

It covers the analytics for the Make-to-Order and Engineering-to-Order scenarios.

The project KPI’s and what-if-analysis including :-

  • Planned Value
  • Actual Cost
  • Cost of Work Performed (ACWP).
  • Percentage of completion (POC)
  • Schedule performance index (SPI)
  • Cost performance index (CPI)
  • Schedule Variance (SV)
  • Revenue
  • Profit/Loss
  • Project milestone

The solution is available on the SAP Appcenter for exploration and download