Turning your Vision into Reality
A product or package is a good as it is implemented. The same business application may work for one organization while it may be a cause of customer dissatisfaction, employee and management frustration or incorrect reporting at another organization. So it is not about the product or package itself. And it's also not about the methodology and tools alone but also about the preparedness of the enterprise for the implementation. A ‘vision’ based implementation instead of a ‘feature or functionality’ implementation has far greater chances of success.

Enterprises are at various stages in their maturity journey. Hence one size or one methodology or approach doesn’t fit all. Our implementation services recognized the varying needs for each one. With experience in implementing enterprise solutions for large as well as mid-sizes, MNC’s as well as family run, urban as well as rural based, moving from manual system as well as from another packaged application software, we come with a practical implementation approach and tool set which is just right for you.

Backed by immense experience and trusted by more than two hundred enterprises, we offer the following types of implementation services :-
  • End to End Implementation of package / product
  • Specific Module Implementation (such as SAP HCM, PS, PM, WM)
  • Product or Package Implementation (such as SAP PO, BI, BO)
  • Technology Implementation (such as Interfacing, UI)
  • Rollout (Country, Geography, Company, Plant)
  • Scenario Implementation (such as Depot, 3rd Party, Quality Complaint)
  • Functionality Implementation (such as SAP COPA, PCA, MRP, CP, Transportation, ESS, MSS)

  • Better solutioning through mentor involvement with experience of 150+ project implementations
  • Accelerate implementation through 80 – 90% pre-configured solutions qualified by product company
  • Reduced testing effort due to deployment of tried and tested accelerators

  • Project Management & Governance
  • Application Software installation
  • Product or Solution Overview
  • Business requirement workshop
  • Key Data Structure workshop
  • Data requirement workshop
  • User Roles and Profile workshop
  • Configuration
  • Custom Development
  • User Role and Profile creation
  • Training
  • Testing (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing)
  • Data Migration / Cut Over
  • Go Live
  • Handholding Support
  • Project Documentation
  • Handover

  • Project Management & Sponsorship
  • Top level ownership
  • Provision of required software licenses, hardware, connectivity
  • Adequate involvement and time from the right people
  • Participation in workshops
  • Change Management
  • Quick decision making
  • Testing and feedback
  • Clean Data in the right form
  • End user availability during training

With more than 100 active customers, we firmly believe in a long term partner relationship rather a one-time customer-vendor relationship. This is one of our core drivers of business.