The days of growing by simply getting great products on a store’s shelves at a fair price are behind us. Now, consumer products companies must redefine their processes, revenue models, and the way people work. Powered by insight into how today’s consumers decide which brands to work with, industry leaders will build sustainable relationships with consumers by moving beyond transactions to delivering valuable experiences and outcomes.

Action Plan
It is a dramatic change driven by slowing growth among incumbents, fast growth from more agile and innovative challengers, and a growing realization that the current business model is at risk.
Quickly adopt SAP S/4HANA for your company with ConZOOM

ConZOOM is our SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for the Consumer Goods industry. It offers rapid time to value at low risk and with high predictability – all at an attractive and fixed price point. The integrated solutions combines SAP market-leading S/4HANA software with industry or line-of-business expertise, specialized services, customizations, configurations, or applications for the consumer goods industry

  • Best of both worlds - The power of SAP solutions, with our expertise and services.
  • Deploy affordably and fast - High level of pre-configuration for faster deployments with predictable outcomes at a fixed price.
  • Built for growth - Future-proof your company with a packaged solution built on SAP technology that grows with your business

Never before speed in implementing SAP S/4HANA across 50+ locations
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