Striving to grow and take on new markets is no small feat, but you are sized perfectly to win with fast innovation, greater agility, and less bureaucracy. By adopting SAP® Business Technology Platform, you can maintain everything that makes your business great as you scale and grow with efficient processes, data insights, and intelligent technologies.

INFUSE YOUR BUSINESS WITH INTELLIGENCE-DRIVEN CAPABILITIES In the early days of a business, employees seem to work in lockstep with insight gained from close customer relationships and collaborative engagement.

However, as the workforce grows, customer base expands, and sales volume soars, such operational strengths can break down quickly without the right support. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you can establish the digital foundation necessary to keep up with rising demand for your goods and services – regardless of your budget, workforce size, and digital skill. The platform for application innovation, integration, and extension provides a unique and comprehensive set of technology and business services. Your company can innovate with SAP Business Technology Platform to build, personalize, extend, and connect business applications as well as leverage intelligent technologies that are the right size for your business. Additionally, you can acquire the agility, focus, and insight necessary to respond to change and keep customers engaged.

Designed to scale with your business, SAP Business Technology Platform supports and integrates all SAP and third-party back-end software systems, covering everything from employee engagement and customer experience to finance, procurement, and the digital supply chain. SAP Business Technology Platform allows you to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app by delivering services such as:

  • Open platform: Build, integrate, and extend personalized, collaborative, cloud-based mobile apps by using a comprehensive set of intelligent technologies and business services. SAP Business Technology Platform, together with Cloud Foundry technology, allows for agile innovation with any programming language or service with the freedom to deploy on a hypercloud of choice.
  • Integration: Unite existing back-end systems with processes, data, and business knowledge across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions. Take advantage of intelligent technologies such as machine learning, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and analytics.
  • SAP Fiori® user experience: Create easy-to-use mobile apps that meet your individual business priorities.
  • Enterprise iOS and Android apps: Deliver streamlined mobile apps using powerful features and integration with back-end SAP software systems. By combining services from SAP Business Technology Platform with intelligent technologies and integrating them into an intelligent suite of business applications, you can attain your vision of a connected intelligent enterprise that innovates with agility and speed.

Workflow efficiency and speed are critical to the sustained expansion and profitability of a growing company, especially when competing with startups and more-established brands. To stay competitive in today’s high-pressure, ever-evolving economy, businesses need unified processes that offer consumer-grade user experiences to engage employees as well as business partners and customers. In essence, they need to embed intelligence throughout their operations, processes, and business.

SAP Business Technology Platform can help support and adapt your applications and intelligent scenarios – such as the IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics – with secure and scalable connectivity and integration across complex, multivendor, and hybrid landscapes. You can process high volumes of real-time data to automate processes while uncovering insights and enabling fast decision-making.

SAP Business Technology Platform enables the agile development of applications to support the specific needs of your business. Your innovations can include cloud-based applications that connect your collaboration networks, integrate your data sources, and harmonize end-to-end processes across applications. For example, you can quickly build an application that runs on iOS and Android devices to allow your field service agents to get the information they need when they need it and report any updates in real time. Your representatives can access the application with their mobile devices to log support tickets, review customer updates, and send queries to appropriate experts. You can also empower them with social tools such as the SAP Jam™ collaboration platform, as well as critical business data, to increase visibility and engage diverse customer interaction channels. This is just one of a limitless range of scenarios that you can innovate and roll out with SAP Business Technology Platform. By using secure, scalable, agile applications while preventing information silos, your business can gain an unprecedented level of agility and speed to scale operations quickly and competitively today and for years to come.

Keeping up with the competition as well as an ever-changing marketplace can be a Herculean feat for any growing business. But once a new implementation project or business model innovation disrupts your operations, the risk of falling behind – without a chance of catching up – becomes a reality. Built on open standards, SAP Business Technology Platform enables your business to rapidly develop new applications, extend existing ones, and integrate modern mobile apps – all while keeping your core business processes running smoothly. The platform acts as the connective tissue between your current business practices and your future state by supporting a real-time, secure environment to access data and applications from multiple systems and environments.

With SAP at your side, you can take advantage of integration of partner applications into your existing solution landscapes and gain immediate access with single sign-on. We provide a digital marketplace, SAP App Center, to give you the space to explore solutions at your own pace – from discovering and trying to ordering, paying, deploying, and managing your chosen thirdparty solutions. Covering all lines of business and platform groups, SAP App Center features more than 1,000 partners that have built over 1,600 applications, which all integrate with SAP solutions. These applications give real-time access to innovative solutions, microservices, and plug-ins to extend your SAP and third-party solutions and set the foundation you need to digitally transform your business.

Streamlined procurement processes are built into SAP App Center to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your purchases – from license acquisition to user management and renewals – simply and centrally. Customers can buy application licenses directly from SAP partners with the flexibility to negotiate for the best price, including the support to customize agreement terms. Plus, the unified user experience of the site provides a central environment for managing multiple application subscriptions, billing conditions, and vendor communications.

From employee performance and customer demand to supply chain risks and shifting market dynamics, the volume of insights necessary to build a growing company is endless. Midsize businesses that have the ingenuity to manage, share, process, and analyze this information anywhere and at any time are the ones running their operations intelligently. SAP Business Technology Platform clears a fast and scalable pathway to highly engaged employees, integrated core processes, improved customer experiences, and tighter supplier collaboration. Business functions can tap into user experiences that meet the needs of their specific roles and departments. New innovations can be brought to life, and existing applications can be extended more easily and economically as the business grows. You can integrate assets with the IoT, social networks, collaboration tools, business networks, and diverse customer interaction channels. The list of possibilities that SAP Business Technology Platform brings is endless. Isn’t it time that your growing business embraces the full power of your existing digital investments and extends them to deliver on your customer expectations?