The world is facing huge social, economic, and environmental challenges, and every person and company has a role to play in creating a sustainable future for all of us. Massive global changes are impacting mill product companies. There is enormous demand for mill products in developing countries. Major shifts in behaviour, attitudes, and technologies are also impacting the market.
In the near future, many mill product companies will transform from purely selling products to delivering new, differentiating, customer-centric solutions and business outcomes. Companies will be more flexible and efficient, which will enable them to respond to uncertain and changing conditions profitably while adhering to governmental regulations and meeting societal expectations.
Mill products companies will focus on four strategic priorities:

  • Achieving customer centricity
  • Offering small lot sizes and individualization
  • Running smart factories and digital networks
  • Supporting value-added services and new business models

Action Plan
Companies must increase digital representation of their own end-to-end processes to become a player in multi-company business processes and combine this with real-world awareness that includes customers and environment. SAP provides the integrated suite of applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform with intelligent technologies and a digital platform to make this shift to digital.
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CrossZOOM is our SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for cross industry. It offers rapid time to value at low risk and with high predictability – all at an attractive and fixed price point. The integrated solutions combines SAP market-leading S/4HANA software with industry or line-of-business expertise, specialized services, customizations, configurations, or applications for industries such as Metal, Textile and Paper.

  • Best of both worlds - The power of SAP solutions, with our expertise and services.
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