We provide SAP ERP and S/4HANA Implementation, Support, Development, Consulting and Resourcing services. And we also develop and implement our own mobility and web portal based products.
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Upgrade
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Resourcing

A product is a good as it is implemented. It's not just about the methodology and tools but also about preparing the client for the implementation. Similarly its not just about sign-off and change requests with additional cost for each item but empathizing with the user and explaining the bigger picture. It is also important to keep the solution practical, usable and build as many checks as possible to ensure correct data entry.

We undertake the following types of implementations

• End to End (All Modules – SAP Business All in One, S/4HANA Enterprise Management)
• Module (SAP HCM, PS, PM..)
• Products (SAP BI, BO..)
• Rollouts (Country, Geography, Company, Plant)
• Scenario (Depot, 3rd Party, Quality Complaint..)
• Functions (COPA, PCA, MRP, CP, Transportation, ESS, MSS..)

Business Benefits

• Get breakthrough results by improving business processes.
• Automate and streamline processes and at the same time use the solution as a catalyst for growth and technological edge
• Bring all functions under one system for an integrated working
• Reliable Solutions that are practical, have built in checks and validations
• Avoid disruption in existing systems

Why Intellect ?

• We have seen diverse business requirements at organizations of all sizes and management styles
• We combine our Consulting skills with sound Implementation methodology and domain knowledge to deliver an enterprises unique needs to deliver robust and workable solutions.
• The participation of Senior team from Intellect brings about industry knowledge across industries and organizations to the project. The best blend is made available to the project.

• The availability of ready accelerators & tools such as templates, ready “Usually required” programs reduces effort and time spent in building and testing the
• We have completed very successful end to end implementation of SAP ERP in just 3.5 Months time
• We have also completed rollouts, functional and scenario implementations and module / product implementations without disturbing the existing system / configuration

Global Case Study
India Case Study

An ERP system will deliver the desired benefits if it implemented properly, operated properly and maintained properly. Usually a client may not have the internal resources to maintain the system on its own. This is especially important when the organization is dynamic and wants to exploit newer and newer features. The enterprise may also need regular and higher level of training for its workforce. Intellect Support model has evolved keeping in mind the above challenges.

Operational Model

• The support can be delivered remotely or by a consultant working at client site
• Intellect has a team of offsite consultants based at our support center
• This team caters remotely to multiple clients
• The consultants are notified of an issue for resolution with a priority
• The issue is fixed and client team informed
• The team is equipped with knowledge, experience and solution database
• If the issue demands expert help, the issue is passed on to the module Mentor who is a very senior expert in the respective module
• The mentors have access to the system 24X7
• Priority 1 issue which threaten system continuity are directly handled by the mentor team
• The mentors resolve the issue or advice the offsite team and/or the client team
• Issue is closed by the user after testing
• The problems are documented and recurring problems identified
• Root cause is identified and changes in process/configuration/program suggested and implemented
• Proactive suggestions are given based on the mentor experience with other installations

Business Benefits

• Low overhead as a highly qualified team of module consultants is not required
• Business can focus on core competence
• Key users who are usually the best people from each department get more time on functional work rather than grappling with complex issues
• Resolution of issues is quicker
• Reduced risk of disruption as solutions implemented are usually tried and tested
• Never fear a “No”, “Can’t be done”, “Will take months” , “System doesn’t allow”,“Its too risky” for an answer

Why Intellect ?

• Large helpdesk staff allowing 24X7 support
• If required – face to face sessions can be arranged
• Repository of typical business problems and their solution helps in quick resolution
• Senior team of mentors can add value by suggesting better practices and options
• Little risk of attrition of support personnel as senior team is stable and is aware of each site and can take over from an outgoing consultant almost immediately
• Automated issue reporting and monitoring leads to better service levels and information flow

In todays' dynamic world where uniqueness soon becomes a commodity, companies look for new ways to innovate and keep themselves competitive and 'different'. The efficiencies that can be brought into the organization using IT are enormous. The potential can be realized not by buying technology but by building, implementing and institutionalizing technology with the help of the right partner.

With our wide experience in business solutions, our consulting services can help you arrive at the right solution, implement successfully and innovate before it becomes the industry standard. We can help audit your system / processes, point out gaps and suggest better practices.

Business Benefits

• Remove manual, time consuming ,error prone process steps
• Automate and simplify processes
• Implement controls and validations to prevent “Post Event “ Analysis
• Capitalize on the 1st mover advantage by building your unique “Next Practices”

Why Intellect ?

• The senior consulting team can bring new ideas to the organization
• The team can help turn your ideas into reality in system
• Unlike typical consulting, expect practical, workable advice followed by delivery

The need for enhancing and creating unique ways of servicing internal stakeholders and customers drives customers to enhance the system. Development helps in creating "Custom" solutions for an enterprise which address your unique needs and may even provide a quick and accurate way of looking at your business. Developments such as these have helped enterprises consolidate information, integrate functions, better end-user experience and given visibility to management over significant areas. Intellect has expertise in developing custom solutions using ABAP on SAP.
Our developments are based on standards which do not compromise the standard system and are upgrade safe.

Apart from Forms, Reports, Interfaces and Conversion programs, our developments also include enhancements such as :-
• Replenishment Engine with Dynamic Buffer Management
• Export documentation
• Cost Management Solution
• Import documentation and Scheme monitoring
• Tax Form Management
• Road Permit Management
• Inbound / Outbound Freight Management
• Secondary Sales Management

Business Benefits

• Low overhead as in-house developers are not required
• Developments possible without in-house functional core team for giving functional specifications
• Developments are quicker
• Reduced risk of disruption as developments are usually tried and tested
• Never fear a “No”, “ “Will take months” for an answer

Why Intellect ?

• Availability of large qualified development team
• Repository of developments allowing an initial level instead of building from scratch
• Senior Mentors can add value by suggesting better developments
• Developments can be managed from FS creation onwards using Functional consultants in case clients module core team is not available
• Estimation tool to help forecast effort and justifiable timelines
• Automated issue reporting and monitoring leads to better service levels and information flow

Each organization running SAP has different reasons for considering an upgrade to a higher version of SAP or Converting to the new S/4HANA Enterprise Management which is a new product line from SAP.


Requirement for new functionality - Newer versions & products provide more functional enhancements that can improve process efficiency . The newer versions also integrate the functions of most SAP industry solutions so that these solutions no longer need to be installed and set up separately


Flexibility for disruption free future innovations.

SAP ERP ECC 6 use enhancement packages as a new methodology to quickly and easily deliver functional enhancements, business and industry-specific functionality, and end-to-end process improvements.
SAP ECC customers also can convert to SAP S/4HANA using tools from SAP to take the benefits of simplification while retaining their old masters and transactions.


SAP provides updates for legal changes as part of the mainstream or extended maintenance agreement for SAP ERP. However, with previous releases of SAP R/3, the outdated underlying software technology may impede the implementation of effective solutions for meeting current compliance standards. The new digital age requires a robust digital core that not only makes managing business in real time a possibility, but also has advanced user interface for easy access on any device and simple steps to execute transactions. It also combined analytics on the same platform


The upgrade or conversion can be combined with other initiatives such as shifting to standard functionality rather than custom development, resizing and shifting to better hardware. This can reduce the TCO.
Since extended maintenance is an additional cost, the same can be done away with by upgrading to the latest version. Similarly customers can move from other traditional databases to the latest in-memory and columnar HANA database.


• Flexible plan delivers upgrade or conversion with adequate time for testing
• Upgrade with minimal downtime and least disruption
• Optimal cost


• Executing one of the first S/4HANA conversion projects
• We have done technical and techno-functional upgrades for clients of all sizes, complexities and budgets
• Our track record, proven approach, accelerator tools and methodology deliver the upgrade/conversion with minimal disruption
• Our onsite/ offsite model delivers maximum value at lower cost

An ERP is usually the most business critical application that enterprises run. Hence, it becomes of primary importance that the system is tested critically before being made productive. It is also important to test any subsequent changes with same level of criticality.

The following types of testing are undertaken by us :-

Functional Testing

• User Acceptance
• Integration
• Authorization and Security

Performance Testing

• Load
• Stress
• Volume

Technical Testing

• Backup
• Restore
• Disaster Recovery

Business Benefits

• Reduce SAP development and testing cost
• Quicker implementations, time to become productive.
• Better SAP application performance

Why Intellect ?

• We provide end-to-end testing and validation service s
• Our services are cost effective with transparent working
• Our testers are highly skilled and use advanced testing tools and processes

The benefits gained from a system are very much dependent on the end users using it. And training is the key to ensure that system entries are accurate, relevant and up to date, the required functions and reports are used and hygiene checks are done regularly.

We impart training to end users on the customers own SAP system. The training can be of multiple types depending on the target audience:-

End User

• Usage Training
• Extended Usage training

Core Team

• System overview training
• Module overview training
• Module Configuration training


• System Usage training
• Auditor System controls and auditing training

Business Benefits

• Accurate and Timely data entry leading to reliable and online information
• Better understanding of job roles and responsibilities leading to streamlined working
• Quicker decision making with better management understanding of system and reports
• Enhanced capability of internal team in suggesting / implementing / adopting better practices
• Introduction of using KPIs for managing business

Why Intellect ?

• Pragmatic approach to training
• Senior consultants with multiple projects experience
• Added benefit of getting solutions to ongoing problems
• Flexible model delivering better value with less disruption of regular work

Many a times, organizations have a temporary requirement for IT personnel for a specific practice such as SAP FICO, Java, .NET etc. The requirements may vary in terms of duration, skill set and experience. We can provide the services of our personnel for such assignments as per the required job description and timeline. Resources are available from SAP Modules such as SD, MM, PP, QM, PM, PS,CS, FI, CO, HCM, BI, BO ; Technical areas such as ABAP, PO, EP and BASIS ; and Project and Program Managers. Other than SAP, Intellect also has resources with competency in .NET and JAVA.

Business Benefits

• Reduced recurring cost/overhead as compared to recruiting employee
• Reduced overhead in recruiting resource
• Quick availability of resource
• Reduced risk due to back up for resource
• Option to chose similar profiles for right fitment
• Option to extend timeline as per requirement

Why Intellect ?

• Choice - Pool to choose from
• Good profiles as resources are technically screened by senior team from same practice
• Risk of changeover is reduced as we have among the lowest attritions
• Better delivery as onsite person is backed up offsite by a senior
• Availability of pool of external resources at short notice if required